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5 Shoes to wear without socks

For many wearing shoes without socks is just simply a choice in style, for some, especially the barefoot enthusiasts, going without socks is a must. Whether you are looking for a dressy loafer or a running shoe, here are 5 shoes designed to step into without the burden of socks.


The Nike Flyknit Racer is designed to fit more like a sock than a shoe. With that, who needs socks right? Nike has an entire lineup of the Flyknit shoes to select from ranging from running, basketball and causal athletic for both men and women. All are ready to be worn without socks but can be if so desired.

Unisex running shoe
Unisex running shoe








Vivobarefoot ULTRA 3 BLOOM

The Ultra Bloom is a amphibious shoe from Vivobarfoot and who would wear socks with a water shoe in the first place. This eco friendly shoe, made from algae, can be worn in and out of the water and is of course designed only for feet and not socks.

Mens Ultra Bloom 3 by Vivobarefoot
Womens Ultra Bloom 3 by Vivobarefoot










NoSox Wino

NoSox has a full lineup of sock-less shoes as the brand name indicates. The Wino, available for men and women is just one they have to offer. This shoe is ideal for casual attire and casual activity. The womens lineup from this brand has many more styles to choose from however there are a few styles to browse in mens.

Mens NoSox mesh shoe











Vivobarefoot Ra II

Another shoe from Vivobarefoot, however unlike the Bloom 3 the RaII is not an amphibious shoe but an Oxford. The Ra II is a perfect causal or office shoe to sport around without socks. Breathable and lightweight the Ra II is perhaps one of the best Oxford shoes to wear without socks.

Vivobarefoot Ra II Oxford









Tune Black Penny Loafer

For everyone looking for a loafer designed to be worn without socks, here it is at last. Tune footwear makes numerous loafer styles with no socks in mind. The minimalist loafer is a perfect dress shoe for the barefoot enthusiast. No socks, no problem.

Black Penny Loafer from Tune



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