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Transparent Shoes for Men

The transparent or clear shoe for men has long eluded me and I often wondered why the shoe industry seemed to limit the clear style to womens shoes and heels. If you like loud colorful socks like I do, why wouldn’t you want to show them off, and I mean all of them, not just above the ankle.¬†Unfortunately options for a clear mens shoe are limited, extremely limited however there are a few shoes out there for you guys who would like to show off your favorite socks or maybe go without if you feel you have the feet that everyone would like to look at.

The transparent Jhonny Oxford or the transparent Jhonan Penny Loafer from N.Y.L.A are clearly a fit for those who like to wear things a bit different. I have read reviews of the N.Y.L.A Penny Loafer not breathing very well so if your feet like to sweat this may be an issue for you. Both shoes are available in transparent vinyl as well as other solid colors and both have a cork footbed for a comfy fit. Another transparent shoe for men would be the clear Converse Chuck Taylor however these are very difficult to come by.

Transparent Jhonan Penny Loafer | Buy on Amazon



Transparent Jhonny Oxford | Buy on Amazon
Clear Converse Chuck Taylor
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